FAQ's Friday.....

One of the most common questions I am asked is...

'Is Japanese Straightening Permanent?'

The answer is YES! Japanese straightening is a permanent solution to get rid or kinks, curls, frizz and uncontrollable hair - leaving it Sleek and Smooth.

I regularly see my long term clients every 6-12 months to re-straighten hair to treat their roots as the amazing straightening treatment I perform grows out.

Making your hair completely manageable can save you so much time when you have a busy lifestyle - so many of my clients appreciate how easy it is to now quickly blast their hair with a hair dryer in the morning and run out the door - no need for straighteners or products.

Zoe Paull - Sleek and Smooth Hair

Zoe Paull - Sleek and Smooth Hair

I have all my pricing listed on my website - and lots of my own before and after pictures to look at. So grab a cuppa and look through my site and I hope to see you soon at Sleek and Smooth Hair!